Filtration of Sugar Syrup

Sugar syrup used for soft drinks mainly is cane sugar with 60° - 68° brix and at a filtration temperature of 70° - 85°C. The quality of sugar syrup differs widely depending on its origin and refining process. In the beverage industry the purity of the sugar solution is measured in ICUMSA or RBU units. A high ICUMSA or RBU reading (150 - 450) indicates a poor quality sugar and means it is difficult to process. The international accepted standard for sugar syrup with 65° brix is less than 50 ICUMSA.

To reduce the ICUMSA / RBU value the syrup often is treated with activated carbon (AC). The AC dosages range from 0.2 - 0.5 - 0.8 % (w/w). Because of the high dosage of AC, filters with a large sludge volume should be used. In cases where a continuous filtration process is required, it is advisable to use two filters so that while one filter is filtering, the second filter can be in preparation or CIP.  

CERINOX® MF Ceramic Crossflow Microfiltration (CMF)

MAIN LIQUID SUGAR FILTRATION: For supernatant liquid sugar we recommend using a CMF-filtration system fitted with ceramic membranes. With such a system, with either a semi- or fully automated control, an almost continuous filtration flow can be achieved. The CMF-plant regulates itself and a minimal amount of manpower is required.

FILTER-O-MAT® / SYNOX® PF - DE-Filtration

For the filtration of sugar syrup, excellent results are obtained with a horizontal pressure leaf filter (FILTER-O-MAT) or a candle filter (SYNOX PF) whichever filter system is preferred.  Both these filters are designed to withstand high temperatures. Furthermore the filters are available either as manually operated plants or with automatic control systems.       

Sheet Filter

In case of good quality sugar (low ICUMSA readings), a sheet filter may be used instead of a DE-filter. Sheet filters however cannot be automated and are labour intense for operation and cleaning.