Bucher Filtrox – Let’s be clear!

Bucher Filtrox is the world leading manufacturer of turn-key filtration systems for the beverage industries.Apart from the well-known candle filter for the pre-coat filtration with Kieselgur and PVPP, we also develop, design, and manufacture other advanced technologies such as filter systems for beer-recovery or filters for sugar syrup filtration and much more.

Based on the great competence in beer filtration and the long experience with CERINOX BR cross-flow systems for beer recovery from tank bottoms, Bucher Filtrox is in an excellent position to provide solutions for mainstream beer filtration, which fulfill all requirements of the brewing industry.

Bucher Filtrox is a business partner with a long-term industrial focus, committed to fair partnership with our customers, employees, and business associates.

Field of Filtration

Filtration is a very broad field. We are specialized in the following segment:

Microfiltration of highly sensitive liquids.


Generally, microfiltration is defined as a filtration process using a pore size range of 0.1 to 10 microns. It is used for the removal of fine solids and organisms such as bacteria (sterile filtration).

Highly Sensitive

The liquids we filter often end up in the human body – in various forms such as beverages, foods, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. Therefore, the strictest sanitary and manufacturing standards must be respected.


Bucher Filtrox specializes in solid-liquid separation, i.e. the removal of solid particles from liquids.