Bucher Filtrox – Let’s be clear!

The mission of Bucher Filtrox is clear:
We want to be the world’s leading supplier of microfiltration systems for highly sensitive liquids.

While technology has changed greatly throughout the years, one thing remains the same: Our customers produce liquids that need to be clear. When it comes to product safety, there is no room for error. That is why they choose FILTROX filtration systems for their reliability and safety.

Of course, economics matter too. Bucher Filtrox is constantly researching new and more efficient ways of filtering liquids safely. These efforts have led to a large number of patented innovations. And, we keep adding more each year. Innovations are made by people. We are proud of having a great team of dedicated specialists, who try to expand the limit of what is possible every day.

Bucher Filtrox is part of Bucher Industries, an international group of companies with a total of more than 10’000 employees worldwide. The head-quarter of the Bucher Industries is located in Niederweningen, a small city near Zürich.